Discord Servers

What's Discord?

Discord is an increasingly popular platform for rich text and voice chat. Server members can have roles, which can grant access to different channels (or other special permissions). It's geared towards PC gamers, and provides numerous ways for them to connect and play games together, though many other communities have congregated on the platform.

Want your server listed here? Join one of these and message @Apollonaut#9012. Minimum requirement for listing is 100 members, and a willingness to share this website with your members. I will ultimately make the decision to add your server here after joining and verifying the quality of the server.

Please alert me if any of these invite links don't work. Sometimes the invite expires. I can fix that quickly.

Interested in running D&D on your own Discord server? Check out Avrae, a bot that can integrate with D&D Beyond and Dicecloud to access character information and more: Avrae.io

For running Play-By-Post games, the Rod of Discord bot helps make everything smooth.

Alternatively, you can invite Discord Dungeons to your server and get started with your own RPG sessions!

RPG Discord Servers Master List