Campaign Management Tools

These digital tools strive to replace your physical notebooks and loose papers (seriously, go scan those before they get lost), making it easier than ever before to track every item, entity, and location in your world. You can spend months filling out your worlds, or just create a mind-map of names linked to each other with cryptic words that only you know the meaning of. That's part of being a Dungeon Master.

LegendKeeper is a D&D Compendium Site Sponsor.

World Anvil is a set of worldbuilding tools that helps you create, organize and store your world setting. With wiki-like articles, interactive maps, historical timelines, and an RPG Campaign Manager, we have all the tools you’ll need to run your RPG Campaign!

World Anvil is a D&D Compendium Site Sponsor.

Campaign Journals & In-Session Tools

The Goblin's Notebook - new and shiny!

  • See all of your adventure components on one page, with easy relationship management, cross-linking, and full markdown support.

  • Link anything to anything else (with fully custom relationship definitions), and filter objects by connections. Also, connect objects to Chapters and show only that Chapter's objects on your screen.

  • Turn on Campaign Logging Mode and track changes to objects (and take notes!) in real time.

World Anvil - worldbuilding tool, industry giant.

      • Includes a Digital Story Teller Screen for use during sessions, which includes a dice roller and a chat log. Also provides access to your entire built world of information in the background.

Chronica - useful for players too!

      • DM worldbuilding tools as well as Player inventory tracking. Includes a handy group chat.

      • Neat shop mechanic: the DM can populate a shop with items, and the players can buy them, which modifies their inventory.

Campaign Logger - great for using random tables

      • Powerful application for fast-and-furious note-taking with on-the-fly tagging of characters, items, locations, and more. Allows you to cross-reference your notes as you're writing them.

      • Contains some rules references, and handles automation of character sheet info. Can also store campaign notes.

World-Building and Catalogue TOols

World Anvil - the ultimate world-building tool

      • Highly customizable. Publish "articles" for your information. Tags and cross-referencing is easy.

      • Includes a Digital Story Teller Screen for use during sessions.

LegendKeeper - map-based organization

      • Free-form Wiki, integrated Atlas, and collaborative Boards

      • Browser-based, and also works offline!

Kanka - mobile friendly!

      • Mixes spreadsheet sortability with wiki-esque entry editing. Great for keeping track of locations, NPCs, lore, and much more.

Fantasia Archive - OFFLINE, dark mode, markdown

  • Offline-capable Markdown file manager with fancy features, like adding tags and searching.

      • Your campaign gains a website, and you edit it as a website. A bit finicky, but allows lots of customization.

      • Amazing for populating your world with NPCs. Provides a powerful Relationships tool to help you keep track.

City of Brass - Free or $5/mo

      • Very clean wiki-esque content creation tool.

      • WYSIWYG editor. Information is stored on pages that you can link to and share.

RealmWorks - $49.99

      • It's an older software, but it checks out!

Tavern Keeper - hasn't seen an update in 7 years.

      • Make a wiki for your campaign info. Player Characters can roleplay using text on a private channel.

Note-taking and organization Tools

      • Locally-hosted markdown files displayed nicely in a fresh, modern note-taking experience

EverNote - Free or $7.99/mo

      • Uses notebooks and tags for holding content and cross-referencing material.

      • A novel way to organize information, whatever that information is. Lends itself easily to DMing.

      • An online spreadsheet tool with fancy content capability.

      • $40 Windows / $45 Mac (v2.0)

      • Their target audience is writers. The software helps you organize stories and information, giving an organizational platform for all of your long-winded ideas.

Mind Map Tools

      • Flowcharts, wireframes, sticky notes, and mind maps (free for up to 4 charts, $10/month for unlimited)

      • Mind mapping (free up to 3 mind maps, $4.99/month for unlimited)

      • Associative organization tool