Campaign Management Tools

Free Tools

    • World Anvil
        • Highly customizable. Publish "articles" for your information. Tags and cross-referencing is easy.
        • Includes a Digital Story Teller Screen for use during sessions.
    • Kanka
        • Mixes spreadsheet sortability with wiki-esque entry editing. Great for keeping track of locations, NPCs, lore, and much more.
    • BlueDragon
        • Campaign journal, as well as entries for PCs, NPCs, monsters, locations, and items.
    • Adventurer's Codex
        • Contains some rules references, and handles automation of character sheet info. Can also store campaign notes.
    • Scabard
        • Amazing for populating your world with NPCs. Provides a powerful Relationships tool to help you keep track.
    • Chronica
        • DM worldbuilding tools as well as Player inventory tracking. Includes a handy group chat. Neat shop mechanic - DM can populate a shop with items, and the players can buy items, automatically modifying their inventories.
    • Trello
        • A novel way to organize information, whatever that information is. Lends itself easily to DMing.
    • EverNote - Free or $7.99/mo
        • Uses notebooks and tags for holding content and cross-referencing material.
    • DM Binder
        • WYSIWYG editor. Information is stored on pages that you can link to and share.
    • Tavern Keeper
        • Make a wiki for your campaign info. Player Characters can roleplay using text on a private channel.
    • City of Brass - Free or $5/mo
        • Very clean wiki-esque content creation tool.
    • Using OneNote for DMing
        • It's possible, if you like OneNote.
    • Airtable Example Setup
        • An online spreadsheet tool with fancy content capability.
    • Notion
        • Combines the functionality of GDocs, Evernote, GitHubWiki, Trello/Jira, and Airtable/GSheets.

Mind Map Tools

    • Whimsical - flowcharts, wireframes, sticky notes, and mind maps (free for up to 4 charts, $10/month for unlimited)
    • MindMeister - Mind mapping (free up to 3 mind maps, $4.99/month for unlimited)
    • Roam Research - associative organization tool

Paid Tools