Virtual Tabletops

Many RPG players have migrated over to virtual tabletop (VTT) software during the pandemic. These tools often include multi-person connectivity, drawing features, token movement, and image import. If you want something simple, try out Owlbear Rodeo or Tableplop. If you want 3D, Talespire and Tabletop Simulator are the top two. For the largest feature set for 2D, try FoundryVTT. If you're running official Wizards of the Coast adventure modules, Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds have licenses to sell pre-made content on their platforms, so they'll be ready to go in less time.

    • "A dream for power users, developers, and hackers" - Cyanomys

    • 2D, top down. $50 for Game Master, who must host the server application. Free for players, who connect via browser.

    • Highly customizable, thorough feature set.

    • /r/FoundryVTT/

    • Foundry Discord Server

    • "For l33t gamers and automation enthusiasts" - Cyanomys

    • 2D, top down, software. Game Master must purchase, then host. Players connect via client for free.

    • Steep learning curve, but very customizable.

    • Has licensed official WotC adventure modules.

    • /r/FantasyGrounds/

    • Fantasy Grounds Discord Server

    • 2D, top down, browser-based, dark mode default. Free.

    • Smooth, intuitive interface. Get playing in minutes.

    • Still in development.

    • [Zip File full of JSON files] 5e SRD Monsters For TablePlop

        • When you make a new character, click "Import"

    • Tableplop Discord

    • "The Roll20 killer you should be using" - Cyanomys

    • 2D, top down, browser-based.

    • Partnered with DriveThruRPG to allow users to import purchased content.

    • Smooth, intuitive interface. Lots of useful features.

    • Astral Discord

    • 3D. Beautiful lighting settings and asset collections.

    • Primarily a map maker, but other people can connect to play. Supports 3D dice rolling, and chat can be done through Steam overlay.

    • TaleSpire Discord

    • 2D, top-down, browser-based. Free.

    • Includes a handy campaign journal feature.

    • Beautiful, snappy, intuitive interface, with pop-out window capability.

    • Let's Role Discord

Honorable Mentions

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