Virtual Tabletops

    • "The Roll20 killer you should be using" - Cyanomys
    • 2D, top down, browser-based. Free, with paid premium features.
    • Recently partnered with DriveThruRPG to allow users to import all of their purchased content.
    • Smooth, intuitive interface. Lots of useful features.
    • Heavy community involvement, with frequent updates.
    • Astral Discord

    • 2D, top down, browser-based. Free.
    • Smooth, intuitive interface. Get playing in minutes.
    • Still in development.
    • Tableplop Discord

    • 2D, top-down, browser-based. Free.
    • Includes a handy campaign journal feature.
    • Beautiful, snappy, intuitive interface, with pop-out window capability.
    • Let's Role Discord

    • "A dream for power users, developers, and hackers" - Cyanomys
    • 2D, top down. $50 for Game Master, who must host the server application. Free for players, who connect via browser.
    • Highly customizable, thorough feature set.
    • /r/FoundryVTT/
    • Foundry Discord Server

    • "For l33t gamers and automation enthusiasts" - Cyanomys
    • 2D, top down, software. Game Master must purchase, then host. Players connect via client for free.
    • Steep learning curve, but very customizable.
    • Has licensed official WotC adventure modules.
    • /r/FantasyGrounds/
    • Fantasy Grounds Discord Server

    • 3D. Beautiful lighting settings and asset collections.
    • Primarily a map maker, but other people can connect to play. Supports 3D dice rolling, and chat can be done through Steam overlay.
    • TaleSpire Discord

Honorable Mentions

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