Setting Guides

Forgotten Realms

The official "standard" setting for D&D. Most adventures exist in this setting.


Introduces Steampunk elements: Trains, Airships, Artificers, and Mechanical Contraptions.

Ravenloft & Barovia

Spoooooky. Twilight Zone-esque, official setting for the adventure module Curse of Strahd.


A worldwide cityscape filled with faction intrigue. Setting sourced from Magic: The Gathering


Ancient Greece-inspired plane, ruled by powerful deities, with powerful artifacts and monsters

Exandria (Wildemount, Tal'Dorei)

Official campaign setting of Critical Role, created by Matthew Mercer.

Previously published D&D Settings without 5e Content

  • Dragonlance

  • Greyhawk

  • Spelljammer (Discord)

  • Dark Sun

  • Planescape