About the Site

This website started as a collection of about a hundred bookmarks on my browser, collected in my search for resources to help me start DMing my first D&D campaign in January of 2017. After a few weeks, I realized that putting my links onto a nicely organized Google Doc would look nicer for myself, and I could share it with the internet. I added another 300 or so resources onto the list, reaching over 400 links. In September of 2018, I created this website, and it now contains over 800 links.

Please feel free to share the site with anyone you know who is into the hobby.

I will never run ads, and am paying out of pocket for server and domain costs (roughly $10/month). If you would like to support the site, please consider donating a few dollars to the Patreon, or try out the privacy-respecting Brave internet browser through our referral link.

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