Getting Started

These guides are supplementary to the Newbie Guides page and the DMing Tips page on this site, with specific resources for players and dungeon masters to find groups to play with, and outline some useful tools for running Dungeons & Dragons games online.

Quickstart Guides

For Players

Step 0: Learn the Game (at least a little bit)

Check out the Newbie Guides page on this site to learn about the game. Then, join up with the D&D Newbies and sign up for an event!

Step 1: Find a Group To Play With.

Recommended places to look: /r/LFG and StartPlayingGames, or find a group of people in the D&D Newbies Discord server. Most games rely on using voice chat (sometimes also video) and a Virtual Tabletop, although some games are purely text-based.

Step 2: Follow the Instructions of the Dungeon Master. They'll determine which tools you'll use to play with.

For Dungeon Masters

Set up a server with this RPG Group Server Template. Then, invite Avrae (and your friends!) to this server. The Avrae discord bot allows for dice rolls and SRD content lookup, and integrates with characters and content on D&D Beyond.

If you want automated event reminders, add Apollo.

Either use the built-in sheets from your chosen Virtual Tabletop, or create a campaign in D&D Beyond and invite your players to make characters within it.

More Resources

Supplementary Articles by Sly Flourish

Online D&D Etiquette

Resources for Finding Groups

Lots of Discord Chat Servers host games, or allow DMs to advertise open player slots for their games.

Game-Finding Applications and Services

Looking-for-group Forums

Ways to Play D&D Online

A. Virtual Tabletop (VTT)

There are many choices for running your games online. Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and FoundryVTT are popular, but Owlbear Rodeo or TablePlop may be worth a look for you and your group if you're looking for something a little more lightweight and/or mobile-friendly.

B. Video Conferencing

Many people use Discord's built-in video chat to play, though some prefer using Zoom, Google Meet, or Jitsi.

C. Play-By-Post (PBP)

Many games are run purely through text chat, primarily without the use of a Virtual Tabletop. This was a common method of roleplaying before voice and video chat was available online, and persists today for those who don't have easy access to those, or have social anxieties regarding their voice or looks. There are two main methods that PBP games are run:

Discord is the flavor of choice for the current generation of players, and there are entire Discord servers dedicated to hosting PBP games for groups, for example the You Meet In a Tavern PBP server. The D&D World server is a massive Discord server that hosts text-based sessions in a West Marches-style "living world".

Useful Tools

Tokens & Maps

Online System Reference