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A Note from Apollonaut the Curator:

Welcome. You've stumbled upon one of the largest repositories of online Dungeons & Dragons resources on the internet. Everything's been categorized, organized, and sometimes alphabetized, so I hope you can find what you need. Should you choose to become an adventurer, you'll get a chance to make your mark on a world outside of your own, sharing experiences unique to you and your party. The tools and guides presented here for you will help you understand the rules of adventuring and creating characters. 

If you are brave and clever, perhaps you've got a world you'd like to build, and a story you'd like to share with your friends - take up the mantle of Dungeon Master. Here, you'll have a vast library of resources at your disposal, many created by world-renowned DMs. You'll stand on the shoulders of giants, and we will be here to lift you up. I invite you to read as much as you are willing to read, and find inspiration in the rabbit holes within rabbit holes that the resources on this site may take you down. Join communities of fellow Dungeon Masters who each have their own stories to tell, and their own advice to give. Over time, you'll build up your preferred toolset and find a rhythm and style of running your games that is all your own.

If you feel confident in your abilities and faculties as a Player and Dungeon Master, I hope that you too can find useful resources here that can provide inspiration for your creative mind, or that might improve your flow when playing, preparing, or running games.

Happy adventuring!

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